About Us

Welcome to The Alkhemy, your one-stop source for all things magical.

The Alkhemy is a collective platform to inspire, connect, promote and educate spiritual wellbeing and all things magical. Our mission is to awaken that divine spark in you and inspire and support your spiritual journey by sharing meaningful wisdom, to elevate your higher being and drive spirituality forward. We believe in community made, sharing of resources and uplifting every soul to shine their light. If you would like to be a guest writer, feel free to hook us up via joen@thealkhemy.com.

The word Alkhemy, is derived from Ancient Egyptian Alchemy and Chemistry and the land of Kemet. Kemet is the Ancient Egyptian name for ‘The land of the Black’. With Black, we mean the Darkness where all creations are birthed. It’s the Divine Mother Womb. Hence, Ancient Egypt was gifted with a very fertile land and Nile River, where everything could grow.